Low Calorie Iced Tea Recipes

Low Calorie Iced Tea RecipesAs you’re probably aware, many yummy tasting drinks are high in calories and can completely sabotage your goal of a low calorie lifestyle. Here are some delicious low calorie iced tea recipes, in a variety of flavors. Some are sugar-free and some have a bit of natural sugar in them. Drink up!

Sugar-Free Iced Green Tea

Green tea is full of anti-oxidants and makes a great iced tea. Some people like to drink it hot, but your body will appreciate it’s health benefits much more when cold because green tea loses antioxidants and other nutrients after it boils.

You’ll Need:

  • Green tea bags (try fun flavors, like pomegranate or lime!)
  • Purified or spring water
  • Ice cubes
  • Honey – Optional
  • No-Calorie Sweetener (I prefer Stevia, which is all natural)


  1. It’s important to gently brew your green tea so you won’t lose it’s great benefits. Slowly heat up your drinking water on the stove by using medium – low heat. Once the water is luke-warm, put in your tea bags and remove from heat. At this point, you should be able to see the water turning into green tea. If not, turn up the heat just a little bit more.
  2. Let cool.
  3. Pour into a pitcher with lots of ice cubes.
  4. Enjoy by itself or lightly sweeten with honey or no-calorie sweetener.
  5. Drink up!

Other Low Calorie Iced Tea Ideas:

  • Peppermint Iced Tea – Garnish with a fresh sprint of mint.
  • Low Calorie Arnold Palmer Iced Tea – Use half plain iced tea and half low calorie or sugar-free lemonade for a yummy low-cal version.
  • Try other flavors and get creative, mix and match tea bags of different brands for your own, custom iced tea that you and your friends will love.
  • Examples:
  • 1 Cherry tea bag + 1 Vanilla tea bag = Cherry Vanilla Tea
  • 1 Lemon tea bag + 1 orange pekoe tea bag = Citrus Iced Tea


Post your favorite low calorie iced tea ideas in the comments section below!

Low Calorie Iced Tea Recipes
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    yummm! I made cherry vanilla flavor iced tea this afternoon and it is wonderful. The Arnold Palmer sounds great, too.

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