5 Tips on How to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercising

Some people that are naturally slim follow these weight loss tricks without really knowing it. Here are some ideas on how to lose weight (without really trying!) These ‘tricks’ will help you burn calories without having to worry about calorie counting and everything else a diet entails.

1.) Don’t eat before bed.

Our metabolisms greatly decrease in the evening. If you eat that candy bar at 2 pm, you have a lot of time to burn it off before you go to sleep. Candy bar at 9pm? Not so much- you’re body is going to naturally want to conserve those calories and hold onto them!

Try to eat at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. If you end up getting really hungry, try a piece of fruit that is high in fiber and takes a while to eat (my favorite is an orange). This is a great snack to have while watching tv or reading your favorite book.  Keep oranges on hand for nighttime eating when those cravings kick in!

2.) Always eat a salad or soup before dinner.

Dinner time tends to pack in more calories than lunch, so opt for low calorie salads with fat-free dressing or low calorie soup to help you feel more full. This way, you won’t over indulge on that huge plate of spaghetti.  For an added bonus, eat a low calorie salad or bowl of low calorie soup before lunch, as well.

3.) Cut out all sugary and caloric drinks from your diet.

Think that 100 calorie vitamin water doesn’t add up? Combine it was a 250 calorie latte, and that’s an additional 350 calories that you’ve consumed per day (almost 10,000 calories per month). If you must have sweet drinks, opt for sugar-free drinks or ‘light’ lattes. Drinking water is really important! It helps flush out fat and unwanted elements in the body. Aim to drink 8 glasses a day.

4.) Exercise even though you don’t have the time to.

Instead of taking the elevator or parking 15 feet away from the supermarket entrance, take the stairs and park as far away as possible. These added steps can really make a difference. Consider purchasing a pedometer to track your steps – you may be shocked how many steps you take(or rather, don’t take) per day!

5.) Eat more fiber.

Want a powerful ‘weight-loss’ breakfast? Try a bowl of bran flakes, 1/2 a sliced banana and 1 cup of skim milk. Fiber is absolutely essential for weight loss. Aim for at least 25 grams a day. Almost all veggies are packed with fibers, here is a list of low calorie fruit choices that also are high in fiber (the perfect weight loss snack!)

List of fruits that are high in fiber:

Fruit Calories Grams of Fiber per 100 calories
1. Raspberries, 1 c. 60 8
2. Blackberries, 1 c. 74 7.6
3. Strawberries, 1 c. 45 3.4
4. Prunes, 1/2 c., cooked 113 7.0
5. Papaya, 1 medium 118 5.5
6. Orange, 1 medium 50 3.0
7. Apple, 1 medium 81 3.7
8. Pears, 1 medium 98 4.0
Source: AskDrSears.com
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  • Carol – what are you eating for dinner? How many calories are you eating per day? Do you eat fiber with every meal? Sometimes, eating too much of a low calorie diet can greatly sabotage efforts. 1200 calories per day should be the absolute minimum, but depending on your body size and the fact that you exercise daily, you may need more!

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  • Carol

    I eat long before dinner, I eat at least 2 servings of fibre, I cut out all sugary items and drinks and I exercise everyday. But, I dont seem to reduce my weight. Any suggestions?

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  • hey Nadia – thanks for stopping by! Drinking ice water is definitely a great effortless way to burn calories, you’re absolute right!! Thanks for the tip!

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  • Nadia

    This all looks like really good advice and not demanding i look forward to trying this and i also have a tip that i have learnt . FACT:Drinking ice water has negative calories because in order for the water to be useful your body has to heat it and the energy it takes to heat the water which already has no calories you have just lost calories by just drinking ice cold water !! xx

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  • peggy

    I have seriously found that not eating after 7pm has REALLY aided me in my weight loss. I haven’t really made any other changes except not eating after 7pm. I used to eat lots of calories and sweets (like chocolate cake or potato chips). I think those foods are ok once in a while, but now I fit them in around lunch time! If I MUST eat something after 7, I eat fruit or veggie sticks with fat free dip.

    Great article! I will try the other tips. But I highly recommend not eating after 7 for everyone trying to lose weight – it really does work! (It’s not drastic and takes time, but give it a few months and you’ll see the difference)

    Oh, I found I slept a lot better, too!

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