Discover 6 of the Best Low Calorie Snacks

Snacking can be the downfall of any diet or healthy eating lifestyle. Many people find themselves snacking out of boredom and consuming unwanted calories. Get inspired with some of the best low calorie snacks out there for diets and weight loss. These are filling low calorie food ideas that you’ll love! From sweet to salty, we’ve got you covered!


Popcorn is high in fiber, is fun to eat and can be a great comfort food to someone looking for a low-fat snack while watching TV.  Air popped popcorn only has 60 calories per serving! Instead of packing on butter and salt, add some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray or other seasonings such as low calorie vegetable seasoning (ranch or cheddar) for a great flavor explosion.


Emerald Nuts sells 100 calorie Almond packs, which are really convenient if you’re looking for an ‘on the go’ 100 calorie snack. Otherwise, 12 almonds will bring you in at around 85 calories per serving. They’re flavorful, crunchy, satisfying and are packed with protein to help you stay full longer. Pair a few almonds with a small apple and you have a great low calorie snack idea!

Fat-Free Yogurt

Fat free yogurt is a satisfying, sweet treat. There are many great flavors available including Key Lime Pie, Boston Cream Pie, etc.! Eating a yogurt for a low calorie snack is a convenient and tasty way to feel like you’re eating dessert, anytime of the day. Here are some healthy yogurt parfait ideas – yum!


You can never, ever go wrong with fruit! From apple slices to grapes, make sure to get lots of fruit in your diet. Dip fruit in fat-free yogurt or fat-free cool whip for a special treat. Experiment with different flavor combinations such as pineapple chunks and cherries or strawberries dipped in a bit of balsamic vinegar.

Hot Cocoa

A satisfying mug of hot cocoa can hit the spot if you’re having a serious chocolate craving. Look for fat-free hot chocolate at the supermarket, or check out these recipes and learn how to make your own low calorie hot chocolate.

Pretzel Roll-Ups

Looking for a savory snack? Here’s what you need:

  • 2 fat-free pretzel rod sticks
  • 2 slices of lean ham or turkey
  • Optional: Mustard for dipping

Simply roll a piece of luncheon meet around a pretzel rod stick, dip in mustard and enjoy! This is a fantastic crunchy snack!

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