My Low Calorie Diet Plan That Works!

I’ve been so busy lately, but don’t worry – I’ve still been eating healthy. Actually, more than ever – I’m back and I’m 10 pounds lighter! Eat like me with this free low calorie diet plan and you’ll lose weight, too!

I recently read Jillian Michael’s Master Your Metabolism and it totally hit home with me. Basically, she discusses the effects of processed diet food and how you can eat more calories if you eat organic, non-processed food. But, rest assured that her book still encourages a low calorie diet lifestyle!

I’ve switched over, “gone organic”, and have seen a huge difference in my life. I have more energy and I have a much stronger sense of well-being, yet nothing has changed except for my diet. Another thing that really has been helping me is my meal times that I utilize to lose weight. Some people swear by 6 small meals a day (I used to), but I’ve found that weight has been melting off now that I eat just 4 times a day. It could be a combination of “going organic”, as well, however I find that my new eating strategy is still low calorie, it just seems to be more efficient. Here is my low calorie diet plan; definitely try it and see how it works for you and let me know!

8am – Breakfast

12 pm – Lunch

4pm – Snack

8pm – Dinner

As you can see, I spread out my meals every four hours. I find that it really does depend on what you eat at each meal to determine whether or not you’ll “make it” to the next feeding time! Use these strategies to help you succeed with your low calorie diet plan. P.S. It can take a few days to train yourself to eat every four hours, just eat some celery to get through the hunger. You’ll find that after eating like this for a few days, your appetite will be greatly suppressed and you’ll have to remind yourself to eat!

Breakfast – 8 am

  • Two egg whites
  • 1 whole wheat english muffin or piece of toast
  • 1 cup of berries
  • 1/2 cup of greek yogurt (packed with protein!)

Some days, I blend berries with yogurt, a bit of milk or juice and two packets of orange flavored omega 3 oil for an added boost. It seems like a lot of food, but it is pretty low calorie and it keeps you sustained until lunchtime because of all the protein!

Lunch 12 pm

I tend to switch it up for lunch a lot more than I do with breakfast…here is what I am eating for lunch today

  • huge salad with cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, feta and greek dressing
  • 4 oz of grilled salmon
  • 1/2 cup of brown rice

Yes, it seems like a lot of calories, but it is only about a 400 calorie lunch! It is really filling and will keep you sustained until 4pm.

Snack time – 4pm

The latest I eat carbs in the day is 4pm, I have found that ruling out carbs after snack time dramatically helped me eliminate high-calorie night time cravings (if you are like that, then definitely try eating no carbs past 4!)

This is an example of what I had for a snack yesterday:

  • 1 cored gala apple
  • 2 tbsp of freshly ground almond butter (Whole Food’s is great!)
  • 1 serving of organic, whole wheat Annie’s Bunny crackers

Dinner – 8pm

I eat a little bit later then I used to, but just like cutting out carbs past 4pm, I find this helps squlech potentially high-calorie food cravings or binges. Here is a sample dinner idea:

  • 5 oz grilled steak
  • 1 cup of steamed broccoli
  • 1/2 cup steamed carrots
  • small side salad

It is a ton of food and the fiber will help keep you full AND keep your metabolism work as you sleep!

Most important tip: Remember, DON”T skip a meal to save calories; it totally stalls your metabolism! Make smart choices (protein, fiber and whole grains) and you’ll feel full for much longer than usual.

I hope this long overdue post is of some use to my readers; enjoy and make sure to share your comments below!

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  • Hi Claire,

    I am so sorry for taking forever to answer you back. Hopefully you see this. I just now read your comment.

    I follow the plan in that I eat 95% organic, esp. meats and dairy (although I only have one serving of dairy per day, max). I lost a lot of weight but more importantly, my mental acuity has greatly improved. I notice I have an easier time writing more efficiently and in conversation. I plan on attending law school, so every little thing (in this case, a big thing – diet change) that I can do to improve my articulation is extremely helpful. You will feel like a new person. I’m only 24, but I felt 34, or maybe even 44. I finally feel my age! Hope to hear how you are doing with it. It is definitely worth it.


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  • Hi there!
    I am so glad to have found this blog entry. I’ve just started to read the same book and have been looking for someone to share their experiences with me. At first I was very excited to read this book; I thought it would solve all of my problems. However, throughout the book, I began to notice that most of the things I was reading was the same stuff my mom has been advising me to do. It was funny how that worked out, “Eat alot of fish…colorful vegetables are the best for you…if it can be brown, have it brown (pastas, rice, etc)”. So I’ve learned that my problem wasn’t exactly eating bad things (besides the acceptional can of raviolies or slices of bologna that I have, what can I do, I’m a college student =P) but it was my portion control and hunger that was making me stay at an unpleasing weight and figure. How did this whole plan work out for you? If so, was it that you were at an unhappy state of health? Or were you bigger and wanted to be smaller? Did you follow the plan to a T or was it a general guideline for you to find your way back to health? I just want details on everything so I can get a feel of what following this plan (as a general quideline for me, unfortunately I don’t think i can afford organic diddlysquat) will do for me?

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  • it was very interesting to read.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

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