3 Low Calorie Drink Ideas Without Aspartame or Artificial Sweeteners

Sick of the bloating effects and worried about aspartame and artificial sweeteners that comprise your diet soda addiction? Read on for 3 totally satisfying low calorie drink ideas to keep your palate satisfied and ensure that you’re putting healthy fluids into your body to remain hydrated during the hot summer months.

Emergen-C  Vitamin Infused Low Calorie Drinks

Yum! At around 10 calories a pack, these drinks are bubbly, refreshing, and simply a delicious pick-me-up for that 2 pm drain when you may have otherwise reached for a diet cola. Keep a few packets of Emergen-C in your desk at work and use with about half a bottle of cold water for an awesome low calorie soda alternative. They’re also great to keep in your purse as you simply pour them into a few ounces of water (depending on your desired taste). Flavors include raspberry, lemon-lime (purchase on amazon for under $8 for 30 packets!), tangerine, tropical, and many more. Yum!

Oh, I totally forgot to mention, not only are these delish – they’re good for you. 1,000 mg of vitamin C per packet.  These are great for boosting the immune system. They’re like drinking a multi-vitamin, except you’re going to get way more benefits than that other pseudo “vitamin” water that is packed with calories. Depending on the flavor, you’ll reap the benefits of electrolytes, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and more…take that diet cola!


Cranberry Anti-Oxidant Power “Punch”

Cranberry juice, in an un-concentrated, organic and no-sugar added form, is absolutely incredible for you. However, it is quite strong to drink on its own. You don’t need much to get the benefits, so I enjoy just a bit and enjoy it as a satisfying  low calorie drink. I recommend mixing one or two tablespoons with 8 oz of iced spring water or even iced sparkling water. It’s a bit tart, but incredibly delicious and good for you! For a few calories more, I sometimes add 1 tbsp of un-concentrated, organic and no-sugar added cherry juice as well for an incredibly tasty anti-oxidant punch. You could also play around with your other favorite flavors, such as grape or blueberry.


Coconut Water

It’s expensive and you definitely are missing out if you’ve never had it fresh. Whenever I see coconuts for sale at my local grocery store for $2, I purchase them and drain the water for a delicious low calorie coconut water beverage. Just 45 calories for every 8 ounces! If you don’t have access to fresh coconuts, you may want to try a few different varieties locally before ordering your favorite online to save. I find that one container is usually around $2-$3, so I always buy my favorite brand, Zico, online.

Coconut water is incredibly refreshing and tastes best cold. It is highly enjoyable after an intense workout. I love that it has tons of potassium and is low in calories. Just make sure to get the original coconut water with no added flavors and sugar (some brands offer mango, pina colada, etc. but they have more calories and aren’t considered a low calorie beverage.)

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