Low Calorie Food Review – Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice

I’m always searching for delicious, quick, low calorie and if possible, organic frozen items that I can pull out of my freezer at a minutes notice. This organic brown rice is perfect for low calorie cooking!

Let’s face it. It is so much easier to stick to healthy eating when fast and tasty options are available. White rice cooks fast, but it is virtually flavorless and is also nutrition lacking. I love brown rice, but don’t always have the time to cook it. Trader Joe’s offers tons of products to help me eat healthy and one of my favorites is their frozen organic brown rice.

For a little over $3 (I can’t remember the exact price!), you get three microwave pouches, each with 2 cups of brown rice in each bag. I cook one bag for three minutes and it is cooked and perfectly steamed. I throw one cup or 1/2 a cup with 3-4 oz of protein and fresh veggies and have a super quick and nutritious meal. I just thought that this awesome product merited a low calorie food review as I think it’s a great staple item for anyone that likes to prepare healthy food quick and easy!

Calories in Organic Brown Rice

Brown rice has about 160 calories per cup, or just 80 calories for a half cup serving.

Low Calorie Brown Rice Recipe Ideas

I’ve already blogged on two other recipes that I like to use TJ’s organic brown rice with…they’re quick and easy – check ’em out! 164 Calorie Brown Rice Pudding Recipe and Low Calorie Rice Pilaf Recipe.

I’ll make sure to add some more low cal brown rice recipes soon! Do you have any ideas on how to use this rice in dishes?

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