Low Calorie Lemonade Mix Review – Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

Sweet, tart, juicy, and delicious low calorie lemonade with just 5 calories! I’m still trying to figure out how 5 calories a serving can taste so luscious while remaining 100% natural. All you do is add this low calorie drink mix to cold bottled water! Did I mention it’s totally natural? (I did, but I just can’t believe it!)

Sweetened with Stevia, this low calorie lemonade mix is absolutely delicious. I honestly haven’t tried it yet in the original lemonade flavor, as I am totally content with the raspberry lemonade flavor. If you can’t find the flavor you want at your local store, try it out on Amazon in an awesome multi-pack!

My last post on here was about low calorie drink ideas without aspartame and I just made yet another totally delicious discovery – True Lemon’s Raspberry Lemonade Low Calorie Drink Mix! I was sitting at the beach the other day and a friend took two of those little drink mix packets out of her purse and handed me one. I said “no thanks, I don’t drink Crystal Light!” I looked closer at the packet and realized it wasn’t that, but something called ‘True Lemon’ in raspberry lemonade flavor. I added it to 16 oz of my bottle water and instantly loved it.

As I said, this mix comes in a little packet in powdered, crystallized form, that you can slip into your purse and add to cold bottle water on demand. The power mixes really well, with just a few shakes.

Here are the ingredients, which will pass the test for the discriminatory low calorie drink mix connoisseur:

Citric Acid, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Lemon Oil, Lemon Juice, Natural Raspberry Flavor and Other Natural Flavors, Rebiana (Stevia), Guar Gum and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). Contains Soy.

As you can see, it is sweetened with just a bit of cane juice (where the five calories comes from) and stevia (all natural; it comes from a plant) and won’t give you crazy migraines like aspartame might. It also has less than 1 carb and has 25% of your daily vitamin C serving.

In closing, just wanted to share this exciting find. I just ordered the multi-pack on Amazon as I’m excited to try the original and lime flavors. I’ve been meaning to post my own homemade and simple low calorie lemonade recipe on here for quite some time and will do so later this week. My recipe uses fresh squeezed lemon and stevia, but this powered mix is definitely the next best thing in terms of taste as well as convenience.


Have you tried True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade yet?  I wonder how long it has been on the market; it must be relatively new but I’m sure it will be a major hit. People are just getting tired of aspartame sweetened beverages, you know?

Low Calorie Lemonade Mix Review – Naturally Sweetened with Stevia
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