Low Calorie Cheese List: The Fab Four

Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t – or shouldn’t – eat cheeslow calorie feta cheesee! Read on for a low calorie cheese list to use for your meal and snack planning. And, while you’re visiting us, check out some recipes and meal ideas that use these fabulously decadent and delicious low cal cheeses.

1. Feta – Tangy, salty, people either love or hate this cheese. If you’re on a diet, you should learn to love it! Add it to salads for protein, or omelets for a great creaminess. As a special treat, add a few crumbles to a bowl of diced watermelon. Sounds odd, but try it!

2. Mozzarella  – The ‘Mozz’ is so much more than just a cheese stick (although those do make great low-cal and high protein snacks!) Sprinkle low calorie mozzarella on pastas or proteins, for a creamy and satisfying addition. Head on over to our Low Calorie Italian Ideas section for some great recipes using mozzarella.

3. Parmesan   Nutty and salty, parmesan works great as “crumbs” for breaded dishes. Check out these eggplant parmesan or oven fried chicken posts for inspiration!

4. Swiss Cheese – This is another cheese that people either love or hate. Try a slice over an otherwise boring and perhaps dry grassfed beef patty, or melt a slice over sauteed mushrooms in this delicious mushroom & swiss egg scramble breakfast recipe.

Low Calorie Cheese List: The Fab Four
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