Low Calorie & Low Carb Fajitas

Who doesn’t love fajitas? Add just a few ingredients to your shopping list and cook up this delicious low-carb and low calorie version of fajitas, whether you want chicken, beef, shrimp, or even just veggies! Also read on for a delicious cilantro sauce that will replace the fattening cheese normally associated with fajitas.

Basic Fajitas Veggie Blend

You’ll need:

For veggie fajitas or to make the base for fajitas with your choice of protein, I recommend the following:

2 Zucchinis (or summer squash) for variety, use one green and one yellow!

1 Yellow onion

1 Green Pepper


Thinly slice all of the above ingredients, and saute in EVOO until they’re soft. While cooking, add some garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste.

Next, transfer the veggies to a bowl and prepare your protein. For the lowest calories possible, use sliced chicken pieces with all the fat removed. (Opt for the white meat, not dark.) If you’re just worried about low carbs, then go for sliced steak, and/or shrimp. Cook your protein of choice in EVOO, and while cooking, add to taste, garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste.

When the protein is fully cooked, serve your protein and veggies and enjoy!

For some added deliciousness try:

1. Instead of cheese and sour cream, also make this delicious low carb and low calorie greek yogurt cilantro lime dip.

2. Instead of the super fattening traditional beans and rice, opt for a side salad. Yum!

3. Instead of any dairy, add 100 Calorie Wholly Guacamole to add some healthy and delicous fat from avocados.



Low Calorie & Low Carb Fajitas
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