4 Fail Proof Ways to Stay Motivated On Your Diet

Need some motivation on how to stay on track? Read on for four fail-proof tips on how you (yes, YOU!) can stay motivated on your diet.


1. Your Diet Should Be A Lifestyle

Everyone wants to drop 10 pounds in a few weeks, but an effective “diet” should actually be a lifestyle andhow to stay motivated eat healthy way of eating that you can stick with. That way, your weight won’t ventually creep back on, and then some! Find a diet that allows you to eat a variety of satisfying foods, and most importantly, that makes you feel good. 

There will always be temptations to eat cake, cookies, and ice cream, but find healthy substitutes! And, indulge once in a while. Chances are, if you eat healthy most of the time, when you eat a piece of cake at the office, it is going to make you feel sluggish and sick. It took me years to find a diet that works for me. I’m happiest and healthiest on low calorie diet, with low carbs, no gluten, and limited grains. It took years to tweak my shopping habits, but I can finally say that I’m not on a diet, rather, I’m living healthy, and eating healthy, and feeling great!


2. Start At The Next Meal or Snack. NOT Tomorrow.

motivation to start diet todayWhether you’re starting a new eating style, or “diet”, don’t start tomorrow. Or next week. If that’s the case, chances are you’re not really ready to commit. Start right now. Show some resolve! Your eating habits and health do not deserve to be put off until a later date. Now is the time. Today, is better than ever.


Additionally, if you fall of the wagon and have a few foods that aren’t so great for you, immediately go back to healthy eating or your next meal or snack. For example, if you go out to breakfast and eat a stack of pancakes (when you could’ve had an egg white omelet and fruit cup!), don’t allow yourself to think “oh, I cheated this morning…I’ll cheat all day.” Chances are, by the end of the day, you’ll feel miserable, and lose motivation to start over fresh the next day. Start eating healthy NOW. Not later.



3. Work-Outhow to stay motivated diet

Ok, I’ll admit…working out needs some motivation in and off itself…but when you do work out, you’re going to be that more motivated to stay on track with your diet! If you burn 300 calories at the gym, chances are, you’re going to be far less likely to eat an entire pizza for dinner.



4. Lose the Scalestay motivated on diet scale

“But I need to know how much I’ve lost or gained!” Are you a wrestler or boxer and trying to qualify for your weight class? No….. So, you don’t need a scale! Weight fluctuates so frequently, scales are useless and can oftentimes cause more disappointment than excitement. Simply go by how your clothes feel. Eventually, you’ll forget about the numbers and really enjoy how you feel AND how you look!


Do you have anymore fail proof tips that you use?

4 Fail Proof Ways to Stay Motivated On Your Diet
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